What Is A Sensory Pool

What Are Sensory Pools?

A sensory pool is a special type of hydrotherapy pool, designed to stimulate the senses. Using a combination of light, colour and sound, sensory pools provide a warm, calming and safe environment that enables users with special needs to explore and engage with their senses.

Combining the natural feeling of weightlessness provided by a swimming pool with specialist multisensory equipment creates an atmosphere that calms the overactive and stimulates the inactive. This helps users focus their energy and engage better with daily life, dissipating feelings of anger, fear and stress, improving communication and creating a strong sense of empowerment.

As well as individuals with sensory impairments and processing disorders, sensory pools can also benefit those with developmental disorders (e.g. autism and ADHD), mental health disorders (anxiety and depression), brain diseases (cerebral palsy and dementia), and many other conditions.